Basic Electronics (Ohms Law)

  1. Series Resistors
  2. Parallel Resistors
  3. Series Parallel Resistors


  1. Tuning the HW-101 transmitter
  2. HW101 and HO13 Ham Scan
  3. Cleaning a stiff or stuck TRW LMO
  4. HW100 HW101 Cathode circuit Part 1
  5. HW100 HW101 Cathode Circuit Part 2
  6. HW100 HW101 Cathode Circuit Part 2 continuation
  7. Heathkit SB-100 Final Amplifier Cathode plate circuit
  8. Kenwood TS-520 Noise Blanker in a Heathkit SB-303 receiver
  9. Fully Restored 1956 Heathkit AR3 receiver
  10. Restoration of a 1953 Heathkit AT1 transmitter
  11. Chassis Metallic Copper paint continuity
  12. Fully restored and operational 1953 Heathkit AT1 transmitter
  13. Heathkit QF1 Q Multiplier connected to a Hallicrafters S40B
  14. SB300 AM with Heathkit 3Khz AM filter

Johnson Messengers on 10 meter AM

  1. Johnson Messenger II K1GUP and W5RKL on 29Mhz 10 meter AM
  2. Johnson Messenger 223 receive on 29Mhz 10 meter AM

Kenwood Hybrid

  1. TS520 and TS820 Cathode IP meter circuit
  2. TS530 and TS830 Cathode IP meter circuit
  3. Kenwood Hybrid Cathode Resistors as Fuses Part 1
  4. Kenwood Hybrid Cathode Resistors as Fuses Part 2
  5. Function of the 520 530 and 820 SG Switch
  6. Function of the TS830 SG switch
  7. Kenwood 12 pin power connector wiring
  8. TS520 CAR Unit Q2 Buffer Amp Voltages
  9. TS520-transmitter-tuning-procedure
  10. Cleaning KW Hybrid Erratic VFO

 General Videos

  1. K1GUP and W5RKL 29Mhz 10 meter AM
  2. Canadian station calling CQ on 10 meter AM
  3. Quarter inch mono switched socket
  4. Cleaning Variable Capacitor Shaft Flex to Frame connection
  5. Examples of basic test equipment

Gassy 1st IF amp V3 in an SB-100

  1. V3 grid voltage changes due to excessive gas

SB-100 V3 and V10 IF and RF amp grid voltages

  1. Activity Grid voltage changes from receive signal