Test Equipment

Pictures showing some of my test equipment I purchased from Fair Radio Sales in Lime Ohio or on eBay then spent time returning each of them to operational condition. The bottom row, middle picture, is a Heathkit IO-4560 5Mhz scope, still in “KIT FORM”. I purchased the scope kit from a ham on the Yahoo Heathkit ham group for $15!!! I have not gotten around to inventorying the parts and assembling the kit but hope to this fall. The second row, picture on the right, is a BC-221C Frequency Meter. I picked this one up in excellent condition and it works. I’m in the process of rebuilding the power supply so it has 6VDC for filaments verses AC for filaments (eliminates hum).

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      AN/URM-25D                   Tube and FET VTVMs             Heathkit IG-72





Heathkit Power Supplies           Heathkit IG-192                     BC-221C





Home made RF probe        Heathkit IO-4560 Scope       2 x  IM-32 tube VTVMs