Test Equipment

Pictures showing some of my test equipment I purchased from Fair Radio Sales in Lime Ohio and on eBay then spent time returning each of them to operational condition.

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The left picture shows my AN/URM-25D military signal generator. The only thing I had to do with it was to tighten the main tuning shaft . The middle picture shows the VTVMs I have collected. They all work. Those that did not have probes, I made probes for them using Vellemans TLM6 hollow plastic probes. The picture on the right shows the Heathkit audio signal generator. I used it to inject audio into the audio stage of ham receivers, transceivers, and transmitter.

The picture on the left shows the various Heathkit regulated power supplies. They come in handy when testing home built circuits as well as isolating circuits in a receiver to ensure the circuits work. The middle picture is my IG-102 Heathkit signal generator. I use it a lot in alignment and as a substitute RF signal when troubleshooting an oscillator problem. The picture on the right shows my BC-221C Frequency Meter. It was in excellent physical and electrical condition. I rebuilt the AC power supply and used a Chinese 5VDC switching supply to provide 5.6VDC for the tube filaments. This eliminated the “Hum” when using 6AC for filament voltage. The output signal is clean and without hum.

The picture on the left shows my home made RF probe. The body is made of 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe with 1/2″ enc caps. The tip is made from a Black Velleman TLM6 plastic probe. The cable is RG8x and the plug is a 1/4″ mono plug. The copper color on the body is Copper Tape cut to size and wrapped around the body. The tape conducts so it was connected to the cable’s shield to ground. The middle picture is my Heathkit IO-4560 “Kit” I picked up for $15. I hope to spend time building the “Kit” this winter. The right picture shows both of my Heathkit IM-32 large VTVMs I picked up on eBay. They both work.