Some of my operational equipment


A picture listing showing some of my operational vintage ham and short wave receivers and transmitter. The Black speaker enclosure is a Hallicrafters PM-23 given to me by Tom at Hayseedhamfest. Ever piece of equipment shown on this page works!!

The bottom Johnson Messenger II (Black Face) and Johnson Messenger III are no longer 11 meter transceivers. Both transceivers now operate on 29Mhz 10 Meter AM.

The SB-303 has a Kenwood TS-520S Noise Blanker installed in the receiver. The front panel RF gain control Push/Pull switch and rear 1/4″ mono audio socket wiring has been modified. The Noise Blanker is controlled from the front panel RF gain control Push/Pull switch. The rear HEADPHONE 1/4″ mono socket was changed from a non-switched socket to a switched socked.

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Heathkit GR-91                 Hallicrafters S-107              Hallicrafters S-108

1961 Heathkit GR-91 four band short wave receiver1959 Hallicrafters S-107 5 band short wave receiver





   Hallicrafters SX-110             Hallicrafters S40B                  Hallicrafters SX-71

                                                   with Heathkit QF-1 

1961 Hallicrafters SX-110 fourn band short wave receiver





      Hallicrafters PM-23           Heathkit Apache TX1    Heathkit DX-40, HG-10 VFO

                                                                                                      and SB-303





Heathkit SB-100                       Kenwood TS-520S                  Drake C-Line

                                              Heathkit HO-10 and HO-13





Heathkit Marauder HX-10     Johnson Messenger II        Johnson Messenger III

                                                  29Mhz 10 Meter AM            29Mhz 10 meter AM





Heathkit DX60 transmitter

HG10 VFO and HR10 receiver