Full Restoration of my 1956 Heathkit AR3 receiver


The following pictures show various stages of the full restoration of my 1956 Heathkit AR3 four band short wave receiver. Full restoration consist of complete disassembling of the receiver, cleaning and painting the chassis, and reassembling of the receiver with all new components, wiring, and mounting hardware. Major components such as variable capacitors, dial, IF transformer, power transformer, etc, were cleaned and reused. The clear dial cover was replaced as the original cover was discolored and melted. The IF transformers were disassembled, the Mica capacitor material was removed, and the IF cans were reassembled. The cans were mounted to the chassis and 100pdf mica caps were connected across the primary and secondary winding’s at the appropriate assembly step. A fuse holder was added, Heathkit did not include a fuse holder in the original design, and the original power cable was replaced with a 2 wire polarized power cable. Rubber grommets were replaced when required. Testing was successful without any problems. The chassis and coil assembly bracket were painted Rustolium Metallic Copper paint. Click on any picture for an enlarged view. Click your browsers back arrow to return to picture listing.

Video link of my operational AR3 after completion of final testing.


Front view as received         Rear view as received         Inside view as received

before restoring begins      before restoring begins      before restoring begins





Chassis wiring as received      Bare chassis view             Newly painted Metallic

note the corrosion               Note severe discoloration              Copper





New Hayseedhamfest                Completed wiring            Fully tested AR3 outside

filter capacitor and sockets    and power cord and fuse   ready to put in cabinet





Fully restored and                     Fully restored and

operational rear view                operational front view