Full Restoration of my 1956 Heathkit AR-3 receiver



Note the discolored chassis, dried up wiring, and damaged dial cover. The receiver worked but had a lot of hum. The capacitor can was leaking which caused the hum. A lot of work was is needed to restore this receiver. Rubber grommets are all dried out.










The chassis was stripped to a bare chassis and sanded. The coil support was cleaned and both the chassis and coil support were painted Rustolium Metallic Copper paint. All new point to point wiring and fixed resistor and capacitors were used. All new mounting hardware replaced old hardware. All new tube sockets replaced the old sockets. The capacitor can was replaced with a new capacitor can from hayseedhamfest.com. The dial cover was replaced with a new plexiglass. The front panel was in very good condition, just needed cleaning. The receiver was thoroughly checked and tested and is working great in its original design. No mods or circuit changes were made to “improve” the design. A full restoration is not about making “mods” but rather to bring the receiver back to its original circuit design and in working condition which is what this restoration did!!