For Sale

The following items are for sale.  If interested drop me an email. All sales are final, no warranties and no returns. I accept payment through Paypal or Postal Money Orders.


Packing and Shipping Note:

I personally pack small items such as variable and fixed capacitors, resistors, pots, band and mode switches, crystals and small PC boards. I reuse small boxes I keep from shipments I receive from eBay sellers, Mouser, Digikey, etc. I don’t charge for shipping using the small boxes or the packing material.  However, for medium to larger items such as receivers, transmitters, power supplies, VFO’s, and speaker enclosures etc, I have a local “Pack & Ship” store perform all the packing. The total shipping cost will contain the combined packing (new box, new peanuts and new bubbled wrap) and shipping agent fees. “Agent” means one of the following: UPS, USPS, or FedEx.





Knight Star Roamer.

The Star Roamer is in very good physical and electrical condition.  I am not the original owner/builder. The only work I have done to the receiver is replace the dial cord, replace the filter capacitor electrolytic with 2 individual capacitors and fix a break in the loop stick antenna feed wire.  The receiver powers up and works. The Star Roamer receiver is already professionally packed and ready to ship. I’m asking $35 plus $25 shipping from zip code 74953.