Restoration Project

Pictures showing various stages of restoration of my Heathkit GR-91 receiver. The original dial was cracked/broken so Radio Daze made me a new dial (last bottom picture on the right) that is exactly like the original. Radio Daze did a terrific job on the dial. The receiver wiring was removed along with all the below chassis components, power transformer, PC board, and rear panel components. The broken original 3 terminal antenna  strip was replaced with a new strip, the broken Noise Limiter switch was replaced with a new switch, and out of tolerance/broken components on the PC board were replaced with new components. The top of the quad filter capacitor card board cover was fixed and painted Black. The speaker paper cone was damaged beyond repair so an exact new replacement was found and purchased. The chassis was lightly sanded and painted Krylon Aluminum paint. New mounting hardware replaced most of the original mounting hardware.

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Front view as received          Rear view as received        Cleaned, sanded, and

without top cover                   without top cover                   painted chassis





Cleaned and mounted          Painted back panel                New Radio Daze Dial

PC board & power xnsfmr     and great front panel