Restoration Project

Ongoing fully restoring my Heathkit 1962 GR-91 four band short wave receiver

The GR91 came without a top cover. Although the knobs are removed, there were 3 missing when it arrived. Note the cracked dial half way up into Band B. Radio Daze made a new dial for me, it’s “in the mail” and should arrive this week.

Rear top chassis view. Note the accumulation of discolored chassis, slight damage to the quad capacitor can cardboard cover next to the audio transformer. The speaker cone is damage to the point the speaker is not usable. Note missing screw on the antenna terminal and the broken noise Limiter slide switch.

Stripped chassis. I lightly sanded the chassis, thoroughly cleaned and applied a coating of aluminum paint. Makes the chassis look brand new ready for reassembling.

Bad components on the PC board have been replaced, IF cans carefully rubbed down with steel wool, main tuning capacitor mounted, and band spread variable capacitor mounted.

Front panel Black back ground and Green section have been cleaned, lightly sanded, and painted. Makes the front panel look brand new.